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Ranita Roy NFTs | Voice
ranita roy
Nov 7, 2022
Location: Paris
Ranita Roy was born in Andul, a small town in India. Currently based between Kolkata and Pune, India. She is a Visual Storyteller. Her work evolves between reality and the dream world. Whose work has been published in various media publications including Reuters, The Washington Post Magazine, The New York Times, CNN, The Caravan magazine, NPR, Buzzfeed News, The Guardian, The Cosmopolitan Magazine, The National (UAE), DW News, The Economic Times, Hindustan Times, Feature Shoot, BBC. In 2021, she became a Magnum Foundation Photography and Social Justice Fellow. In 2022 "BAPI" the short film by Ranita Roy sown in 'Space to Breathe' within the spectacular 'Grote Kerk' as part of the Breda Photo festival in The Netherlands. - 6 Created - 9 Collected

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Ranita Roy

Ranita Roy is an Indian female visual artist based in India working in photography and film.
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