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Ranita Roy

Ranita Roy is currently based out of Andul, India.

She completed her Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from Asutosh College, Kolkata, India in 2019.

While growing up in Andul, she enjoyed releasing the shutter of her father’s box camera and was excited when the flash triggered. She was five years old at the time.

It wouldn’t be until 2015 that she fell in love with photography. It was during a hard time in her life. She was battling severe depression and inadvertently found herself coping with her camera. She lost herself in the viewfinder. It made her forget about the world around her, but it put a different world directly in front of her.

Ranita’s traditional upbringing meant she had been expected to marry and have children after leaving school, but she explained to her parents it wasn’t her destiny.

She continued to practice and develop her skills with street photography, capturing her culture and the daily life of people. It brought her joy, but not meaning. She found meaning when she turned the camera around to photograph her family.

Ranita began photographing her grandmother, Chhordima, whose lively, independent lifestyle against a male-dominated society brought inspiration. Those images were in an exhibition in Kolkata and another with the International Women Photographers Association.

Those images paid tribute to her grandmother.

She then turned the camera’s lens around to herself when she suffered from sleep paralysis. Her friends and relatives doubted her condition, so she began documenting her experiences.

Her personal images and experiences were published in The New York Times Lens Blog and she found countless reader emails of people relating to her story and thanking her for being able to capture the terror of sleep paralysis and making them visible.

Her dedication and contribution to photography landed her in Artpil’s 30 Under 30 Women Photographers 2018.

Ranita was also awarded in the 7th National Photography Award of India, the country’s highest photography honor. It brought honor to her small town of Andul.

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Bengali, Hindi and English.

M.Sc. Environmental Science (2017-2019), Vidyasagar University, India
B.Sc. Biological Science, University of Calcutta, India
The New York Portfolio Review (2019)
Foundry Photojournalism Workshop in Kolkata, India (2018)
Timothy Allen Photography Workshop in Sharjah, UAE (2018)
New Directions on Documentary Photo, Magnum Photos Sohrab Hura (2018)
National Geographic Photo Camp (2018)

Feature Shoot Interview, West Bengal Floods
Private Photo ViewChild Education
Femina Media (Hungary), Child Education
121Clicks, Child Education
"Telling of Trees" Vol. 1, by Steven Lee. Selected images published in Lee's book.
Dodho Magazine, Street Photography
WP fotoblogia (Poland), West Bengal Floods  
Xposure, Upanayana - Transformation of a Boy
Women in Street "Animal Magic," curated by Orna Naor
Women in Street "Something To Talk About," curated by Marci Lindsay
"Calcutta Then | Kolkata Now," images published alongside other photographers
Leher India (Child's Rights Org.), "Deluge, Distress & The Disastrous Backwash Of Floods On The Lives Of Children." 
Leher India, Through Her Lens II: 5 Female Photographers To Follow This Women’s Day, Capturing The Plight Of Children In India
National Geographic Society's Photo Camp
Broad Magazine's Instagram

The New York Portfolio Review 2019
7th Annual National Photography Award, India
UNESCO 2016, Climate Change  
National Geographic Photo Camp Kolkata 2018
Landskrona Foto Residency 2019, Runner Up
Dhaka International Photo Fest, Special Mention for Portfolio 
Foundry Photojournalism Workshop, NOOR Images, Stanley Greene Scholarship, Recipient   
Timothy Allen Photography Scholarship Award 2018
Indian Photography Festival 2018, "Chhordima - Silent Feature of Women Movement" 
ARTPIL 30 Under 30 Women Photographers 2018
West Bengal State Award Champion, Prafulla Dahanukar Art International Photography Grant 2017
Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award, Honorable Mention
Finalist for International Women Photographer Award 2017 
Nominated in 6x6 Global Talent Program organized by World Press Photo Foundation
Montage Photo Festival 2016 (JUPF) Indo-Bangladesh Photography Contest
Montage Photo Festival 2017 (JUPF) Photography Contest and Exhibition
Marilyn Stafford FotoReportage Award 2018 Shortlist
Better Photography Magazine India, 1st Place Portrait

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